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Smoke out candidates who have been deceitful or are underqualified

Klinsheet Consulting Limited provides the best background check service in Nigeria. We aid organizations in employing the most qualified and suitable job applicant for a position by providing the service of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) certificate verification.

The NYSC is a one year mandatory service to Nigeria which is a core requirement and also a major factor considered by major organizations with vacancy opening.

Due to the relevance of the NYSC scheme, job applicants who do not possess the National Youth Service Corps certificate for various reasons may fraudulently obtain or totally forge such certificates and tender them as valid documents during the recruitment process.

The National Youth Service Corps also popularly known as NYSC is criteria for graduate employment in Nigeria. NYSC was established "with a view to the proper encouragement and development of common ties among the youths of Nigeria and the promotion of national unity".

The purpose of the scheme is primarily to inculcate in Nigerian youths the spirit of selfless service to the community, and to emphasize the spirit of oneness and brotherhood of all Nigerians, irrespective of cultural or social background.

Background check in Nigeria is very crucial to making sure that the information submitted by a job applicant is complete and true, it is also relevant in smoking out candidates who have been deceitful or are underqualified.

NYSC certificate verification enables an organization screen out candidates who have not participated in the scheme and lack the experience that comes with the one year mandatory service. Job applicants who are vetted and are discovered to be shady are consequently screened out.

The necessity of the NYSC scheme certificate as a vital requirement in major organizations during the recruitment process gives rise to various fraudulent measures which are capitalized on by job applicants with malicious intentions.

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