Academic Verification In Nigeria

It is too easy for candidates to forge names, dates, details on cerificates/
transcript and provide these to a prospective employer

Verification of academic credentials

Klinsheet Consulting Limited provides the best academic verification in Nigeria, which allows us ensure that an organization employs the best and most suitable candidate for a position.

The importance of academic verification in Nigeria cannot be over stated owning to the fact that the information submitted by candidates is often times incomplete or inaccurate, not detecting these errors can lead to an organization making a wrong hireA wrong hire in an organization can result in significant consequences and impact such organization negatively.

In the world we live today, Degree verification has become a key aspect in reviewing job applicants as it is no longer a secret that applicants may engage in unlawful acts such as forging names, dates, education history, details on certificate etc. When applying for a position.

Educational certificate verification is essential in identifying and helping to rule out such applicants there by preventing an organization from hiring an unqualified individual to fill a position.

Over the years, we have been able to establish tiles and build a strong network among universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and various educational providers which gives us first hand access to educational records and enables us to obtain accurate data on an applicant or employee’s full academic transcript. Our degree verification service includes verifying foreign academic certificates and education history.