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Reference checking allows us to update independent information about our candidates

Guarantor’s validation ensures that there is someone who can be held accountable for an employee when the need arises. Klinsheet Consulting Limited provides the best background check service in Nigeria.

This is to validate whether the guarantor that stood for an employee is legit and confirming that such individual is fit to be a guarantor based on specified criteria.

It also gives an assurance to the employer if there is a future fraud committed by the employee because the checks presented by the employee has gone through due diligence with full details of the guarantor. Many employers check employee references as part of the hiring process.

about image A references check is when an employer contacts job applicant’s previous employers, schools, colleges and other sources to learn about his or her employment history educational background and qualifications for a job.

An in depth references check will involve talking to references to get insight into the applicants skills, qualification and abilities to do the job.

Most companies notify candidates that they can expect to have references checked and a candidate be asked to sign a form that gives consent for a reference check.

It is permissible to discuss with anyone who may be able to share information on a candidate’s job qualification. Based on the results of a reference check, a job applicant may or may not be invited to interview.

Conducting references checks can be one of the most important steps in the selection process, since past performance is often the best indicator of future performance references allow you to talk to past supervision in order to determine if the applicant being considered is suited for the role.

By conducting references checks you can avoid cost associated with failed probation periods and poor performance which can negatively impact any organization and damage your image.