Best Background Check Company In Nigeria

It is too easy for candidates to forge names, dates, details on cerificates/
transcript and provide these to a prospective employer

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Klinsheet Consulting Limited is a registered HR firm in Nigeria. We
are the best background check company in Nigeria.In a more
competitive job market & harsh economy like ours, individuals are
more apt to embellish or hide certain aspects of their histories
in order to appear more attractive to recruiters.

Background checks in Nigeria can be a valuable tool for selecting
the right candidate fit every time. When used consistently, this
simple step can eliminate many future problems for the company.
As a recruiter, it is vital to ensuring that a candidate meets the full
requirements of each assignment and that the return
on investment will be a good one for the client receiving the

Background Check Company in Nigeria

Today, not many recruiters are aware of the significance of running a background check in Nigeria. With the current rate of unemployment in the country, applicants are now more desperate than ever, and this has caused an increase in the way they portray themselves when seeking a new job.

Before now, getting a professional CV only meant to showcase one’s achievements in previous roles to prospective employers in an appealing manner. However, this is no longer the case, as applicants now double as opportunists who tell fancy lies in their CVs. Nowadays, applicants tend to bloat their profiles in a bid to appear more attractive to recruiters.

Background Checks for Reliable
Recruitment in Nigeria

As much as applicants decide what they sell about themselves, recruiters also have the liberty to run a background check in Nigeria. This would help to validate whether the applicants are truly who they say they are before selection. It is no cause for argument that an applicant who tells a lie before meeting a recruiter is capable of doing much more afterwards.

Hence, the onus rests on recruiters to run a background check on their prospective employees. Running a background check in Nigeria could help to eliminate potential problems that employees could cause their organizations. Also, it behoves a recruiter to confirm that a prospective employee meets the requirements and fits the job description of a role he is being considered for. This will help ascertain that he is able to carry out his assignments and add value to the organization. Be it as it may, informed recruiters are aware of the fact that Klinsheet Consulting offers the most reliable background check in Nigeria.

Understanding the Risks of
Negligent Hiring

Negligent hiring is a phenomenon that many employers are guilty of nowadays. Very little do employers know that they could be sued for negligent hiring if an employee commits an act that could’ve been anticipated if a background check had been run before such employee’s contract was finalized. It is possible that an employee was sacked from his previous place of work because he embezzled company funds; or maybe such employee has a history of sexually harassing co-workers.

The employer of such employee would be liable to being sued for failing to exercise due diligence. As long as there is evidence from an employee’s past that points to the fact that a particular behavioral threat could be reasonably anticipated, it is expected of the employer of such employee to be aware of such history and to take deliberate measures to prevent a repeat of such occurrences. If, however, the employer remains oblivious of such history until a time when such hazardous trait reoccurs, the employer could then be sued for negligent hiring.