Finally, you have succeeded in convincing the management to run background checks on all your employees. Approval has been gotten and you’re set to get ahead with the task. But you know it’s smarter to outsource this project than to take it up in-house. How, then, do you determine the things to look out for before choosing a background check service provider? We have put together 7 factors you need to consider when choosing a background check service provider.


  1. Types of checks offered

    Background check services entail a wide range of categories. These include:


2. Turn Around Time

Within the background check services space, the term ‘Turn Around Time’ represents how long it takes to complete a background verification process. The turn-around time in background checks varies depending on the type of check and the peculiarities of the individuals. It is imperative that you communicate your required turn-around time to your proposed vendors. Upon bargain, dependable background check service providers would let you know what’s attainable.

Klinsheet consulting is a dependable background check services company in Nigeria. We leverage automated processes in all our projects, and we have the internal capabilities to deliver innovative IT interventions for HR problems. Our swift turn-around time helps us to stay ahead of our competitors.


3. Experience & track record

Background checks are an essential part of your employee journey. As such, you must settle for a background check services company that has adequate experience on the job. Usually, it is a good idea to settle for background check companies that have other serious-minded organizations on their list of clientele.

4. Legal compliance

You should be responsible enough to ascertain that your proposed vendor is compliant with the laws that govern the industry – especially within your physical location. By this, you ensure that you do not pose a threat to the image of your brand by doing business with a vendor that isn’t legally compliant.

5. Technological inclusion

Considering the peculiarities of current times, it is best to settle for background check service providers who have integrated technology into their operations. For the sake of synergy, your background check service provider should assure you seamless integration with other HR solutions that you use within your organization. For instance, Klinsheet Consulting has an online portal through which we receive background check requests and give feedback to our clients. With the click of a button, clients can access the reports of new and previous verification requests.


6. Affordability

Finally, is it imperative that your background check service provider is able to operate within the limits of your budget. Usually, background check service companies offer their pricing based on the volume of requests you bring. The specific types of check you need would also influence the cost of your background verification requests. It is worthy of note that premium check services; as well as running background checks on high profile individuals always comes at a higher cost.

In all, it beckons on you to carry out due diligence when choosing a background check service provider. If you would like us to run background check services on your employees, send us an email at



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