As awkward as it may sound, the lack of gender equality is still a major concern in the corporate space. Apparently, this phenomenon has plagued the global economy in the workplace for many decades. Even today, it is still considered an essential factor for competitiveness and growth of any organization. What’s more? Experts in various industries opine that in order to create an inclusive and dynamic economy, everyone ought to get equal opportunities. There are several tactics that could be applied to ensure success in the promotion of gender equality. But here are 5 effective strategies to promote gender equality in your organization:

  1. Reevaluate vacancy announcements

Promoting gender equality begins at the recruitment stage. This is why you should consider reevaluating your vacancy announcements to avoid gender discrimination. This seemingly petty fact is often overlooked by HR managers. Meanwhile, little are these professionals aware that even the smallest word or phrase could turn-off women from applying.

Instead of using phrases such as “he”, using or “he/she” can send a better signal. It is a simple strategy at removing gender discriminating vocabulary, and it instantly portrays the fact that your organization is dedicated to gender equality.


  1. Considering leadership roles for both men and women

In truth, having a woman at the helm of affairs is seen as a “taboo” in some organizations. However, it is wrong to think that only men can succeed in leadership roles, while women are apt for support-oriented positions. Such stereotype is the hallmark of gender discrimination in organizations today.

Individuals – either male or female – who have what it takes should be granted leadership positions. Moreover, a better representation of women in leadership positions inadvertently enhances gender equality in an organization – as more women will be employed across strata.

gender equality

  1. Equal Pay

The concept behind equal pay is a significant aspect to take note of. This can destabilize and thus, lead to the demise of an organization. Pay should be reliant on the position and the job description. Also, a regular pay structure needs to be implemented. This would help enhance transparency among staff and eliminate discriminating pay rate issues.

Similarly, an annual audit of staff salary should be conducted to evaluate whether gender bias is taking place in the organization or not. Industry experts have advised companies across the globe to start taking steps to offer equal pay for women.


  1. Penalize gender-based harassment

Although women might have publicly denounced themselves as a weak gender, the fact remains that they still need to be protected. Some men still find it difficult to understand what it means to suffer from gender inequality in the work environment. In situations like this, policies safeguarding the interests of women should be enacted. In other words, there should be a penalty for gender-based harassment, which would allow male colleagues to pay for their actions.

These penalties could range from salary reduction or suspension, to contract termination. Be it as it may, these types of penalties are necessary if you desire to create a female-friendly work environment.


  1. Promote work-life balance

Having a balance between work and personal life is fundamental for all employees – especially mothers. People in these categories should be allowed to do their jobs remotely, as long as they’re able to deliver value.

More importantly, it would undoubtedly yield great results for the company, as a good work-life balance tends to make people happier and super-productive.


Withal, you should be sure to consider the suggestions of current employees, as they can contribute valuable insights into the challenges faced by the organization and check for improvement.





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