No organisation can succeed in business with the
wrong people on their payroll.

Top Background Check Company in Nigeria

Quality, Speed, Due Diligence and Transparency.

Klinsheet Consulting Limited is a registered HR firm in Nigeria. We are the top background check company in Nigeria.

We deliver exceptional value to our clients in area of Background Check services, Recruitment, Training, Business Advisory and Outsourcing. We have built capacity in delivering value to all our customers. With Our experience of over 6 years in all kinds of background check services, we are confident that we will help you to get the right candidates at all times.

We leverage automated processes in all our projects, and we have the internal capabilities to deliver innovative IT interventions for HR problems. Becoming your services provider, we will support your projects, processes and people with our expertise.


Our mission is to help instill integrity in the employment process of our clients, using our competitive prices to provide the best and qualitative background check process and ensuring the right people are on their payroll at all times


By 2022, we will be the most responsive and most preferred HR consulting firm when it comes to quality talent hunts and employee verification process in NIgeria

Our Core Values

Build open and honest relationships through communication
Embrace and drive change through IT
Engage more with less
Pursue growth and learning

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