5 Ways to Welcome A New Employee

Starting out as a new employee with an organization can be an uneasy experience. The first few days are spent trying to understand the culture, and the pros and cons of the organization. It is also during that period that a new employee gets to learn everyone’s names and roles. Most times, it comes with a feeling of excitement. However, it can be overwhelming and sometimes comes with this feeling of isolation.

What’s more? There’s pressure from within to impress and to prove competence – which can adversely affect an employee’s productivity if not properly managed. In other words, welcoming new colleagues and making them feel among from the onset helps to set the tone for their overall performance. Alongside focusing on the employee’s onboarding, helping new employees feel welcome should be given a lot of priority. Hence, in this article, we would be discussing what some of the employment experts out there have said about how to welcome a new employee. This would give them the best possible start at your organization.


  1. Give them a clean and clear space to work from

Sometimes, existing employees exhibit hilarious behaviours like changing desks, chairs, or computer external devices from the desk of the position that is up for hire. This could be a source of concern, as new hires are often reluctant to complain during their first few weeks. Sometimes, this affects the way new employees perceive the organization. You should ensure that after the office of the vacant position has been organized, no one is allowed to remove items from there. In essence, you should ensure that the predecessor’s clutter is cleaned off, while keeping the space clean in preparation for the new occupant.


  1. Assign a company mentor

When hiring a new employee, you need to think beyond their first day. Hence, you should consider assigning a mentor who can help them acclimatize more effectively. The primary purpose of this mentor is to help new employees get acquainted with the culture, people and policies within the organization.


  1. Get them a gift

One of the greatest techniques of welcoming new employees is to show that you have longed for their arrival. This can be achieved by presenting an amazing gift or a welcome package to them. Receiving a gift on the first day would make any employee feel cared about, and would also signal that you value them – especially as they try to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings.


  1. Phase in the workload gradually

Piling up work on the desk of new employees could be a bad idea. Instead, you can make it flexible for them by presenting their workload over time, but not on the first day. Gradually introducing new projects allows new employees to engage and interact with their colleagues, while they assimilate the realities of the organization. That way, they do not feel overburdened with their workload.


  1. Follow up

Finally, it is logical to get feedback to be sure that the employee is having a great time. In achieving this, you could organize a physical meeting with the employee for them to share their thoughts and opinions. Very importantly; you should ask about the impression they had about the organization’s people and processes during their first week of resumption.




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