As technology continues to evolve around several spheres of business globally, background check – one of the most integral parts of human resources – has joined the bandwagon for good. Since the past decade, there has been a vast change in the recruitment process, with thousands of candidates applying for one available role. This has made hiring and verifying applications of candidates one of the most important functions of Human Resources.

However, using technology in the recruitment process can greatly enhance the quality of the process. Also, it can help to save time and other resources in the long run. Similarly, adopting technology for background verification during the employee screening process offers a vast number of advantages. Undoubtedly, new inventions have completely revolutionized the way background checks are conducted. Apparently, technology has made the hiring process a less labour-intensive task. Below are 6 advantages of technology in the background check space.

1. Time-saving

In a multinational organization where hundreds of job applications need to be screened and verified, conducting the process manually could take till eternity. However, using special software or a secured online platform can help your organization reduce the Turn Around Time (TAT) for background check screening to a limited time. That way, the time saved can be put into good use by the HR personnel.

2. Data security

Every organization is solely responsible for the protection of its employees’ information. Anyway, some amount of information needs to be shared between organizations when conducting background verification. While this process is legal, the said employee must give their consent. Technology can help HR personnel protect shared ex-employee information for background checks, while ensuring that the data does not fall into the hands of cyber-criminals.

3. Accurate background checks

There’s high chance that a cursory sweep of records and information had slipped through the cracked walls while conducting employee screening manually. For example, while conducting a health record or reference check manually, some details of the applicant might be overlooked. However, by using the appropriate technology and online platforms, a more thorough background verification can be achieved. What’s more? Automated results can be more credible and more reliable than manual results.

4. Access to huge data repositories

Technology has relatively lessened the burdens of HR managers in scanning through negative database while conducting a criminal record check. Technology used in screening candidates via negative database can assist an organization in selecting only those employees who have clean records.

5. End-to-end automation

Gone are those days when HR managers had to scan through papers with their four eyes. Nowadays, applicants’ requests can be automated, and results can be delivered online. In other words, prospective candidates can apply through the company’s portal; and all data would automatically get populated to the employee screening platform. HR would just have to view the status of the ongoing verifications and get the results delivered online.

6. Improved work environment

One of the primary benefits of adopting technology in the background verification process is that the work environment can be greatly developed. Not only can the hiring teams spend their time and resources in more productive areas; they can also attain a high hiring quality as well.

With these points stated above, it is glaring that technology has started to revolutionize the process of running background check services.



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