How To Choose A Background Check Company

Background check services have become a known phrase to almost everyone except you have been living under Olumo rock for ages till now. It has become a natural part of the planning process that has been utilised by various individuals and firms. It has been used to not just guarantee to pick a right fit; but to forestall any embarrassing situation in the future.

Because of the increasing demand for this service and its attendant importance; there has been a rise in the number of firms that provide this service across the nation. As with every service offered; the room for abuse and quackery is on the rise as it evolves and opens up.

Since there is no agency tasked with the regulation of this service, it has become an all-comers affair! Sadly so too. But, how do you navigate these murky waters and select a service provider to help you with your background check needs? I’ll give you some useful tips.


The antecedence of any business is always a useful way of forming an opinion about it. Like a stockbroker, the transaction history tells a prospective customer how grounded, experienced and efficient the broker is at the job.

No one wants to assign such a delicate and critical job to a novice. We all want a capable hand that has a history of delivering as at when due with efficiency as a watchword. So ask questions, questions like, what is your success rate? How many jobs have you done? What companies have you worked for? What is your failure rate? Etc.

These questions and the answers received will help you better form an opinion about the background check firm. Furthermore, it would arm you with information on whether to engage them or not.


Credibility is the pillar of any business. It is like a pleasant fragrance that attracts would-be customers to any business. In the business of background checks, credibility opens doors and brings customers.

No well-meaning background check firm jokes with its credibility as such you can be sure that they get referred by people who have experienced this credibility. So ask around, speak to people and hear what they have to say about the particular firm before going ahead with engaging them for your checks.


Background check is a business that covers a lot of grounds, its reach must be as wide as advertised else it is false advertising, as such, any background check firm worth its salt must have an insanely wide reach and a network of on-ground verifiers who are always ready to go the extra mile in achieving results.

After all, background check is not limited to any particular geographical area. By implication of its name, it should be able to go where the customer can’t go hence the need for the contract to check backgrounds and claims. So before you agree for a firm to handle your checks ensure that they have a wide reach, ensure they have covered your areas of interest or at least they have the capacity to. The network is key, reach is an asset.


Before you approve of any background check firm, ensure there is a physical office address you can go to for complaints or any other business. Agreed that most businesses are online but a physical presence screams responsibility and credibility. Do not be fooled by websites, email addresses, social media presence or phone numbers, be doubly sure of their physical office address and see to it that they are a duly registered company.


Let’s Face it, business is about people, whatever value you offer is secondary. How you make people feel stays long with them even after any business transaction. Statistics show that people patronize businesses more out of referrals/ word of mouth recommendation than because of adverts. Listen to what your friends say about how service was rendered to them by a vendor and you have a better chance of being a satisfied customer too.


Dipo Umoru


Verification ConsultantKlinsheet Consulting Ltd

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