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Jimi (not real name) applied for a job with a management-consulting firm. He claimed on his credentials that he received his master’s in human resource management from the University of Lagos. Hence, he was invited for the interview. Subsequently, after rounds of interview, his name and that of four others were shortlisted for possible employment.

The consulting firm quickly reached out to a background check company and forwarded the names of the five potential employees to them. The names were sent with a mandate to do a thorough check on their credentials. Armed with this, they swung to work. And after sharing correspondence with the University of Lagos, they found out that Jimi was never a student of the school.

An embarrassment that would have ensued was averted because this management-consulting firm did their due diligence via a background check company. Background check companies among others, do the following.


As seen from the above story, the claim of Mr Jimi was found to be false. Background check companies validate claims, they ensure your employees are who they say they are and as qualified as their credential says. No one wants a fraud working for or with him/her. That feeling or utmost certainty is priceless and only a background check can give you that.


A firm that prides itself as being credible is only as good as the credibility of its least credible employee. The presence of one dishonest person does a huge disservice to the claim of credibility. Imagine for a minute that a hospital-employed an unqualified doctor. Then in the cause of his ‘work’, he performs a procedure that led to the death of a patient. Subsequently, word got out that the said doctor never went to medical school! The effect on the reputation of that hospital will be unrecoverably tainted.

This is where a background check steps in. It gives you the platform to scream about how credible your firm is; ensure your firm is not peopled with questionable characters masquerading as honest people.


When most people think of background check, the tendency is to assume it’s all about criminal records. However, the truth is, checks are more encompassing and they deliver a wider range of outputs. Take for example employment history check. What you get by checking a prospective employee’s employment history is a set of useful information that could determine his or her eligibility; as well as how much of a good fit for the job he or she is.

It helps you eliminate a trial and error phase. Furthermore, it makes the transition and adapting stage to a new organisation a whole lot easier. So you see, you get to know the employee better; make accurate decisions and propel your business in the right direction. This is possible because you’re going to put a round peg in a round hole as it were.


As much as risks cannot be eliminated, it is sacrosanct to err on the side of caution. The chances of reducing the risk of hiring a wanted person with a questionable past or a ‘misfit’ for a particular position is greatly enhanced by thorough checks. Reduced risk is a good move for any business and only accurate background check guarantees that.


Dipo Umoru


Verification Consultant – Klinsheet Consulting Limited

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