Before now, the bulk of employers were indifferent about the idea of running criminal record checks. However, with the unfold of recent events; many organizations have now come to realize the essence of running criminal record checks on their employees. Before recruiting an employee, it is logical to ascertain that the applicant meets up with the basic requirements for the role he/she is being considered for. Having asserted that a prospective employee has the basic educational prerequisites to perform on a job; it is also imperative to be sure that he/she is psychologically and emotionally fit to operate within the spheres of the organization.

Surprisingly, to some employers, knowing about an employee’s past record means no more than educational and previous employer verification. However, the scope of understanding an employee’s past goes way beyond those walls. Before an organization can be rest assured that an employee is a viable option for a position; it must’ve been confirmed that such employee does not have a past criminal record that poses him/her as a threat to the organization.

Imagine employing someone who has a history of armed robbery as the Chief Financial Officer of an organization. Well, it is possible that he/she has turned a new leaf. But what assurance do you have now that he only needs a pen to carry out an operation? Especially when there is an absence of the need to carry arms and ammunition. As much as this example might come across to some as far-fetched; our pool of experience in the sector has exposed us to many mind-blowing occurrences.


It is worthy of note that having a past criminal record does not necessarily deny an applicant an opportunity for employment. Rather, the knowledge feeds the employer with adequate information on what responsibilities should be rested on such employee. Furthermore, it gives room to the employer to create a viable structure to monitor such employee.

Peradventure an organization hires an HR manager who has a record of being lewd, then the organization should then do more to make sure that applicants and/or employees are kept out of harm.

From our experience, we can clearly state that no employee willingly says that he has had a criminal record in the past – especially when they weren’t asked. Even when asked about past criminal records, it is only logical that employees would be diplomatic about it. More so, shifting blame from oneself is a natural phenomenon that’s peculiar to us as humans.

Having been equipped with this piece of information, it behooves every organization to take the idea of criminal record check very seriously. At Klinsheet Consulting, we have saved lots of our clients from potential hazard through our criminal record check services.



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