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In the world today, the phenomenon of telling ‘white lies’ appears not to be a big deal anymore. Hence, padding CVs with white lies and embellishments is now popular practice. Nowadays, job applicants feel the urge to create eye-catching resumes, not realizing that they’re actually committing resume fraud. From a recent survey that was carried out by an online platform; it was discovered that 3 out of every 4 hiring managers have detected a lie on a resume.

Usually, trainee positions usually require applicants to have a degree before they can be considered for the position. But in a competitive job market, applicants may decide to gain an advantage over other applicants by falsifying their credentials. Again, applicants may give false representations of their credentials in a bid to get a higher pay.

Nowadays, there are online platforms that help applicants to build their CVs with enticing but false information that will scale through the hiring systems. These platforms claim they help applicants to create professional CVs, when in reality, they only contribute to a larger problem.

Of the areas where applicants tell their ‘white lies’, the most common is likely the education section. Therefore, it behoves every employer to screen potential employees and verify their school and NYSC certificated before confirming their appointments. The importance of this verification process cannot be overemphasized. This is majorly because background checks aren’t limited to checking criminal records and confirming guarantors. If an applicant can tell a lie about their education, then they can tell a lie about almost anything and pose serious threat to your business.

Certificate verification
Certificate verification

Having an applicant lie about their education might seem like a minute issue that can be overlooked, especially when an applicant has the required experience to fit into the role. Howbeit, these individuals get to tarnish their company’s reputation and probably cost the company a lot of money when they get caught.

Sometime ago, information leaked about the Dean of Admissions at a certain institution who lied about her educational qualifications on her resume. This employee claimed to have bagged degrees from three academic institutions. Meanwhile, never did she attend any of those institutions. This shocking discovery was a rather embarrassing occurrence for the institution, as a big blow had been dealt on its reputation. Beyond the shame, the institution had to spend more resources on screening and hiring a replacement.

Another risk that’s involved in hiring someone who lies about their educational and/or NYSC background is that these individuals may be likely to tell other lies about matters arising at work. These ‘petty’ lies could evolve into larger issues and probably end up in a lawsuit. Hence, verifying an applicant’s education and NYSC status could protect your company against lawsuits and other losses.

In some cases, false claims in educational histories do not become obvious until later in an employee’s career. Some jobs may not necessarily require a degree upon employment. But as the employee begins to earn promotions and climb the company ladder, the company may not pay much attention to verifying the supposed education.

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