Prior to now, not so many organizations bought into the idea of running background checks for their staffs. However, with continuous sensitization and increasing awareness; recruiters are beginning to understand the importance of running background checks on their clients. In truth, the process of running background check on employees and potential employees can be a cumbersome task. This is why many organizations prefer to outsource the task of running background checks to external vendors. By this, the outsourcing organizations are able to avoid being distracted from their core activities.

Be it as it may; it behooves every organization to ensure that they engage professional vendors whenever they want to outsource any of their services. This is particularly important when outsourcing very delicate services like background check. Before outsourcing your background check services; there are tips that can help you ascertain that your proposed vendor is a good choice. Let’s take a look at some of these things you need to look out for.

  1. Relying on automated softwares 

    As much as automation has helped to make work easier across industries, it must be understood that even automation has its limitations. In the field of background check services, there are responsibilities that must never be left to automation – especially in a developing country like Nigeria. In Nigeria, automating some background check processes could undermine the actual essence of verification. Imagine having an automated system of verifying the guarantors of your employees. The automation might appear to be a good idea, until something goes wrong and you need to grab a hold of the guarantor. Only at that point – which is already too late – will you realize the inadequacy of the automated guarantor verification process.

  2. Understanding of employment law

    In every country, there are laws that govern labour and employment. Furthermore, some industries have laws that are peculiar to them. A good background check services company should be up to date on the position of the law in each of their processes. In situations where the outsourcing organization is oblivious of the law’s stand, it behooves the background check services company to step in as consultants and fill them in, thereby preventing their clients from breaching the law.

  3. Company history and clientele

    It is not uncommon for charlatans to delve into any endeavour that seems to be making waves at the time. Hence, it is imperative to make findings about the history of your proposed background check services company.

    Firstly, you should ascertain that they have stood the test of time in the industry. For instance, a company that has continuously served clients for up to three years can easily be acknowledged as a force to reckon with.

    Again, before outsourcing background check services to any organization, you should look at their list of existing clients. A company like Klinsheet Consulting that runs background checks for major players in the banking industry can be used as a case study. They even run checks for clients that operate within the spheres of Information Technology, Insurance, Logistics, Energy, and so on. It can be rightly concluded that an organization like Klinsheet Consulting is a bigwig when it comes to background check services.

  4. Turnaround time

    Almost as important as the reputation of a background check services company, is their turn-around time. It is one thing to have the capacity to execute requests; it is another thing entirely to be able to deliver on these requests in due course. Knowing the turn-around time your background check services company offers should be a major criterion to consider before engagement.

    Background Check Service Company

  5. Reputation of the company

    Before outsourcing, the onus rests on you to confirm that your proposed vendor is a reputable organization. You should put in efforts to unearth any disgusting stories or major shortcomings that are associated with your proposed background check services company.

  6. Competitive pricing

    Having concluded that a vendor is a viable option, the next thing you would probably worry about is affordability. There are no two ways to do this. You just have to ensure that the pricing of each of their services is within the scope of your budget and is reasonable when compared to the value they offer.

  7. Physical office location

    Before engaging any background check services company, you should first ascertain that they have a physical office location. Over time, there have been scenarios whereby charlatans without a physical office space have paraded themselves as background check professionals, to the detriment of organizations that engage them.

    With this article, we believe you are now more informed to make savvy decisions when considering to outsource your background check services.



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