Avoid Untimely Death – Know Your Domestic Staff – Run A Background Check.

Lately, there have been recurrent stories about domestic staff who have killed or maimed their employers. Just some days ago, the social media space was enthralled by news of a popular commercial bank staff who was killed by his gateman. As though this wasn’t enough, the gateman went further to bury the man in his own backyard. The news was such a sad one for me. I was deeply appalled by the fact that that horrible occurrence could have been averted. After a moment of deep reflection, it occurred to me that folks like myself need to do much more in helping people realize the dangers of ignoring background checks. Had that employer been meticulous enough to run a background check on his domestic staff, the danger of murder could easily have been averted. Click here to see video of the employee who killed his master.


Before hiring domestic staff who would have access to your home – and perhaps, your family; it beckons on you to observe due diligence by running a background check on them. During the job-hunt and interview process, applicants usually tell lies that would make them appear as the right fit in the eyes of prospective employers. As a consultant within the HR space; I have met with many individuals who have sharpened their convincing skills to the extent that you would almost never suspect foul play. 


Running a background check is the only way to ascertain that your prospective employees are truly who they say they are. Similarly, a background check would reveal whether prospective employees truly have all the competencies they claim that they have. Background checks help you to identify red flags that could pose threats to you in the near future.


Before confirming an employee’s appointment, some of the areas you need to verify are:


  • Previous Employer: running a previous employer check will help to ascertain that your prospective employee truly worked where they say they did and that they truly occupied the role they claim they did.


  • Address: It is imperative to run address verification on all your employees. Time and time again; I have met with employers who have come to realize that their employees dropped fake addresses during the recruitment process. Sadly, these employers got to realize it only after the employees involved had absconded with their valuables.


  • Guarantor: It beckons on every employer to ensure that they run a guarantor check before accepting any employee into their private space. With verified guarantors, you have a trail to follow up on peradventure an employee decides to abscond with your valuables.


  • Criminal Record: No matter how competent an applicant appears to be; it behoves every employer to ascertain that their employees have no criminal history. Peradventure an employee has a criminal history that appears to be tolerable; knowledge of the fact would inform decisions around the tasks that you assign to him or her. Moreso, you’re able to determine the kind of surprises to expect once you’re aware of your employee’s past.


If properly done, a background check would always give cues as to who an individual truly is beyond the surface. At Klinsheet Consulting Limited, our verification agents are professionals who have been trained on how to look out for red flags. While in the field, our agents usually interact as much as they can with the individuals they meet with. During these meetings, we pay attention to the tone of voice; body gestures; eye movement and other ‘seemingly petty details’ that would give a clue when something doesn’t add up. 


As an employer, would you be happy to hire a domestic staff who has a history of workplace violence; sexual harassment or any other social vice?


I can go on and on to relate the countless experiences I know of. But sadly, they wouldn’t suffice to bring back the dead employer who was killed by his staff. If you would like to know more about my experiences as a Verification Consultant, feel free to call me on 07037195924 or send me an email at verify@klinsheet.com.


Dipo Umoru

Verification Consultant 

Klinsheet Consulting


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