Don’t employ a Wolf to look after Chicks

Trust but verify!

Over time there has been a relationship that exists between a teacher and his or her student. This relationship is premised on guidance, mentorship and role modelling by the teacher towards the student. The teacher is in a position of strength and privilege. Hence, he holds a sacred duty to imprint permanently on a young and impressionable mind; not just education but life moulding and holding morals.

The student, on the other hand, sees the teacher as a friend. He perceives the teacher as a guide and a sea of knowledge to drink from. Furthermore, he comes to reverence the teacher both within and outside the four walls of the school. This relationship is as sacred as they come and by no means is it viewed otherwise. Unfortunately, recent developments have proved contrary and have shaken the foundations on which this relationship stands. Various cases of student molestation and sometimes rape by teachers has reached unimaginably embarrassing levels.

There lots of cases these days where petals are being bruised long before they bloom and flourish into maturity. Sadly, this occurs as a result of the uncontrolled lust of a trustee assigned to protect, guide and educate such innocent children. There are patterns and predisposing factors that we have shamefully turned a blind eye to while engaging such teachers.


No one employs a wolf to look after chicks. The place of background checks has been wilfully relegated to the dustbin of infamy and regarded as a waste of time and resources by people who ought to know better during recruitment processes and while such teachers have been employed. No matter how you look at it, a carefully conducted background check before employment would have thrown up red flags; signs that such an individual has a history of child molestation.  It would have for all purposes expose a child molester and help the school dodge a bullet and the embarrassment of negative press.

At Klinsheet consulting, we help mitigate such occurrences by stemming the problem from its roots. We offer a professional background check among other services and help to verify for our clients the integrity of would-be employees and their claims. We have worked for a wide and diverse range of clients who have only amazing things to say about our uber-efficient services.

Be wise today, evade that embarrassing situation tomorrow by engaging us today to apply our expertise and verify your to-be employees. Trust but verify…


Dipo Umoru


Verification Consultant – Klinsheet Consulting

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