“Safety and security is everyone’s business” is a maxim that transcends generations and walks of life. Security and safety as much as it covers life, encompasses businesses and investments too. Every aspect of life matters. Therefore, such matters ought to be given topmost priority by running dependable background checks all the time

What undergirds safety and security is intelligence. And intelligence gathering involves painstaking diligence to unearth that which is mostly hidden in plain sight. To get valuable information, one has to do a ‘little’ digging behind the scenes; even in this information age we are in.

Information has proven invaluable in human experience. Over time, great tragedies have been averted due to timely sourced information acted upon swiftly. Sadly, we have become a culture drenched in tragedies, that we sometimes feel helpless and hapless towards it.

Once again, our nation was left in shock at the horror of a drowning incident that happened at Dome hotel in Abuja. Apparently, a group of friends went to have a good time away from the rigours of academic stress. Young, strong, impressionable undergrads of the University of Abuja, Emmanuel and his friends went to unwind like young people their age will do at a party for university ‘freshers’, unbeknownst to him, this would be his last party on God’s earth.

Sadly, he drowned and died under the watchful eyes of his friends! According to the review of the CCTV, he called out to his friends while grasping at every available ‘straw’ for his life but none raised a finger to help or come to his aid.


Can you begin to imagine the kind of friends who would not help a drowning man? Friends who would rather watch you drown to your death than break a sweat to save you. Sad as it is, this unfortunate exhibition of the primordial attributes is still our reality today.

During investigations, the police found out that his friends harboured a deep-seated resentment for Emmanuel! They secretly envied him because of his “lifestyle and the fact that everything good within their circle revolves around him.” They call it “his shakara”. His crime was that he came from a rich home, had things easy and women flock to him in droves.

This unbridled hate led to the loss of not just his life but also his unfulfilled dreams and aspirations; future productive life and a possible breadwinner position. At this point, I’m without a doubt sure that his parents wished they knew the kind of friends he kept. They must be reeling from the fact they couldn’t avert his untimely death with simple scrutiny of their backgrounds via a detailed check.

This unfortunate incident might have happened to a young university undergraduate. But the event has a strong undercurrent that finds expression even in the most urbane corporate setting. Productivity is a function of teamwork, and as they say; “teamwork makes the dream work”. Individuals who make up teams with the goal of achieving set targets ought to be thoroughly vetted before they are even employed.


Why do I say this? Simple! The human nature thrives on recognition and the optics of relevance; no matter how insignificant the accomplishment is or thought to be. Now put a team together of whom you know next to nothing about their background and probably have not broken sweat to do a little digging. Group dynamics sets in as it’s always the case when two or more people are brought together to form a group.

Group dynamics posits that the three main factors affecting a team’s cohesion (working together) are environmental, personal and leadership. In the work environment, groups are formed to achieve a particular target. The 80/20 rule usually arise; as you will have 20% of the group doing 80% of the important work.

This naturally translates to mean that in any organisation you’ll find 20% of the staff do 80% of the work. The high flyers/top performers are always in the good books of management. And these performers tend to receive commendations/applause and the perks that come with their hard work.

If proper check wasn’t carried out on every employee before being employed; a combination of environmental (where they were raised, things they were exposed to etc.); and personal (how the see challenges, interpersonal relationship, reaction to not being recognised, envy, jealousy etc.) factors can contrive to build a bring him/her down mentality and ultimately ruin the aims and objectives of the organisation.


Humans are creatures of habit and most often than not they leave a trail; a pattern of behaviour that can be traced to their previous places of work or where they reside or once resided; or even the school the graduated from. These attributes as exhibited by Emmanuel’s friends are recognisable and can easily be dealt with. However, they can be dealt with only if a proper check was done and these attitudes are discovered.

Many companies claim to provide background check/vetting services but fall short of the high horse of their claims when put to test. Behind the debris of their claims, some still stand out with a gigantic behemoth.

We advise seeking the services of reputable background check companies that will guarantee a thorough check and blissful rest knowing professionals are handling your verification. Whether it is Academic verification; Address confirmation; Personality check; credit check or previous employment validation; be sure you are dealing with a highly experienced background check company.


We at Klinsheet Consulting pride ourselves as the most dependable background check company in the whole of Nigeria. We believe that as torchbearers, the onus for clear-cut excellence lies squarely on our shoulders. Hence, our unparalleled drive for proficiency and efficient service delivery.

Our numerous clients whom we have had the privilege of working for can attest to our dependability when it comes to background checks. We have guaranteed suitable outcomes and saved clients the embarrassment of hiring or associating with people of questionable character. We have achieved this through our meticulous digging and unearthing red flags in a person’s history.


Dipo Umoru



Verification Consultant – Klinsheet Consulting

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