For ages now, since that advent of having trusted and reliable people vouch for the credibility of others; be it in business deals, social life, work life or everyday general living; there has been a renewed call for background checks on these high standing and credible individuals who want to stand for someone else. On paper and via various communication channels, anyone can misrepresent themselves. It is very easy to give an impression of trustworthiness. However, it is a solemn duty to put this trustworthiness to a simple follow up confirmation test. Hence, it becomes imperative to conduct a physical guarantor check.

When it comes to employments/hiring of staff/workers; most organisations require their potential staff to provide verifiable names of persons who are willing and able to stand as guarantors for them. These names cut across various fields of human endeavor. They are assumed to carry the threads of reliability, credibility, integrity and verifiability connecting with them. No potential staff would want a guarantor that is not reliable, credible, has integrity and can be verified; neither do organisations.

After these guarantors have been provided by the employees; and haven filled forms so provided by the organisation via the employees; a follow-up verification of these guarantors is of utmost importance because,

  1. Most guarantors are hassled into signing the forms provided by the employees.

    They are cajoled into doing so because of a certain debt the owe or as a form of payment to the employee. So, some guarantors sign these forms without the benefit of their free will to choose not to. Only a physical guarantor validation can help solve this.

  2. Some guarantors don’t even know what they are getting into when they sign these forms.

    Some people confuse a guarantor for a referee! While a referee cannot be held to account for any unlawful act by an employee in his/her absence, a guarantor could be held to account for the employee if the said employee commits an unlawful act and goes into hiding. So, some sign these forms thinking they are just referees.

  3.  Several guarantors have been impersonated.

    Some employees go-ahead to fill the guarantor forms themselves. They put in any name and number and submit. Only a physical guarantor validation can unearth the truth in this case.

  4.  Some guarantors choose to stand as guarantors as a knee jerk reaction or a spur of the moment kind of a decision.

    They often times regret their actions after the fact and wish to repudiate what they did. By physically going to verify, some of them could actually say they want to opt-out of being a guarantor.

The result of a recent physical guarantor validation conducted for a client shows that 60% of guarantors declined, 15% claimed the signature on the employee guarantor form was not theirs and 25% came back correctly. So it is advisable to run physical guarantor validation to establish that guarantors are who they claim to be and also have them accountable/responsible if an employee defaults in your organization/company.

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Dipo Umoru



Verification Consultant – Klinsheet Consulting

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