Hiring the right applicant with the right job application form

The importance of the application form and the guarantors form in hiring the right applicant cannot be overemphasised, since they provide the best and easiest means to prescreen job applicants and collect relevant information about the cosigners of such candidates.

To ease the process of hiring the right applicant, it is necessary to first understand what is the hiring process. The hiring process is the process of reviewing candidate’s applications, selecting the right candidates to interview, testing the candidates, choosing between candidates to make the hiring decision and performing various pre-employment tests and checks. Howbeit, all of this is to ensure that an organization hires the most suitable candidate for a position.

During the hiring process, a human resources manager will use the following steps to determine the most suitable candidate for the job:

  1. Review job applications:

    This is the process of screening candidate’s applications by human resources or the hiring manager.

  2. Test candidates:

    This refers to aptitude tests and examinations that help a business predict the success of a job candidate.

  3. Interview selected candidates:

    This is the next process to conduct tests. Even though written tests and psychological tests are conducted, one-to-one communication between individuals always remains a crucial part of the selection of a candidate.

  4. Choose candidates based on pre-determined selection criteria:

    This refers to the selection of a candidate based on criteria set in advance. Some of these criteria include the list of the essential and desirable skills; attributes; experience; and education which an organization decides is necessary for a position.

  5. Perform background and reference checks:

    This is the process of researching, compiling and verifying criminal records; commercial records; financial records; education and employment history; references, etc. of job applicants.

  6. Send selected candidates for a health check:

    This is an important step of the hiring process. It helps to identify potential risk and also provide accurate diagnostics of the selected candidates.

Without a proper data capture in the Job application form, it will be difficult to get value from the remaining steps of the hiring process. This in turn can lead to making a wrong hire. And even when a qualified candidate is chosen, background checks and reference checks are necessary to keep your organization safe.

Performing background checks generally involves analyzing a candidate’s criminal record, education record, financial records, military record etc. These checks are done to verify that the details provided by a job applicant on the application form are actually true and can be verified. If a job applicant does not provide accurate information or lies about any of the information included in the application form, it is generally grounds to rescind the job offer of such candidates.

Hiring an unqualified candidate to fill a position would lead to severe consequences in any organization. It is therefore very important to prescreen job applicants with the use of the right application form and also make use of an articulate guarantor form to collect relevant details on the cosigner of a job applicant.

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