Domestic staff assist you with home activities or chores that you would rather not do by yourself. Some of them are your cooks, housekeepers, nannies, governesses, gardeners, or drivers.

However, because of the nature of some of these activities, they have to operate in close proximity to you, your family and your personal effects. This makes hiring a domestic staff a delicate decision that you must only make after considering several criteria, and deciding that you can handle them.

To ensure that you remain on the safe side, here is a list of a few guides and caution that you should take note of when hiring new domestic workers.


Create a budget for your domestic staff

Pay is very important. Whatever the amount you agree to pay your domestic staff, ensure that it is within a fair range and that you can afford it. It is advisable to earmark your domestic staff salaries from your own earnings so that you do not owe salaries when they are due

Maintain a healthy relationship

Your domestic worker would be handling things in your home, and it would be a good idea to build a trust-based relationship with them. Be careful to leave all forms of toxicity aside, and be responsible for their wellbeing when they are within your home.

Hire adequate staff for your home so that you can make sure that no staff is over-burdened with work. If they are stay-in staff, ensure that they get their respective rest days, and day-offs to meet with their family and friends.


Do not tolerate any form of abuse

Your domestic staff are human beings too, complete with feelings and agency. Treat them like one. Do not abuse your role as their employer in any way or form, and ensure that they are not being abused by anyone else in your house (be it a family member or another employer.)

Do not expect certain activities from them

Your domestic workers are to take care of activities around your home. This does not mean they should be expected to undertake activities that could harm them. Some activities like lifting very heavy items, or taking care of someone who is ill should not be expected, especially if such illness is communicable.

Don’t hire domestic staff without a background check

In most cases, you are bringing someone you do not know from Adam into your home and personal space. It is important to be sure about the information you have been given about your new domestic staff from them or the agency you have hired them from. You can check run background checks on their qualifications, criminal records, address, and the information given about their guarantors. 

Double-checking this information can act as an assurance of the character of the person you are hiring, and afford you to trust them more.

There are several consultants that can assist in background checks, and an example is Klinsheet Consulting. They run timely background checks and could also assist your hiring process. They also offer IT solutions for HR, and operate an automated system, ensuring that your employee management is absolutely taken care of. Operating with notable clients and partners, their delivery and credibility stand out amongst other consulting firms.

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