How To Recruit A Recruiter

Are you bothered about how to recruit a recruiter for your agency? Then this is for you.

Now more than ever before, organizations are beginning to pay serious attention to the human resource space. Gone are the days when organizations had just one staff in the HR department or had no HR department at all. In recent times, however, business owners are beginning to realize that the growth of their organization is directly proportional to the quality of staffs they hire. 

But what happens when the one who is charged with the responsibility of recruiting competent staff lacks the competence to do so? In all honesty, recruiting a recruiter can be a daunting task, especially when you’re not well-grounded within the HR space. In a bid to help you bridge the gap in this area; we have compiled some tips that can ease the process of recruiting a recruiter for your organization.


  • Monitor industry-related groups on social media

    With the tech wave of the 21st century, social media has become a force to reckon with in almost all spheres of life. To gain clarity on how things work in the HR space; it is advisable to follow HR-related groups on social media. That way, you get to see the latest trends in the industry. Furthermore, you can pick up insights on the things you need to look out for while recruiting a recruiter for your organization.

  • Attend recruitment networking events

    The potential value that lies in attending recruitment networking events cannot be overemphasized. Attending these events would not necessarily be an avenue to recruit a recruiter on the same day. However, it’ll help to create awareness about your company. Similarly, it would be an avenue to connect with senior-level recruiters. This way, you can portray your organization to them as a good place to work; while creating the ripple effect of arousing their interest in working with you.

  • Leverage on your network

    In the search for a professional recruiter, reaching out to your friends and trusted allies can be a great idea. One major advantage of recruiting through your network is that you have a reference even before the candidate submits his/her CV. And if someone in your network is confident enough to recommend a candidate; then this can be signalled as a trust indicator.

  • Poach from your competitors

    In the corporate world, poaching top talent from competitors is not an uncommon thing. When bringing these people in, you are sure they are already equipped with the specific industry knowledge and experience. Furthermore, you can count on them to replicate strategies that worked for your competitors. Hence, poaching is a sure way to add more value to your organization.

  • Make your expectations clear

    During the process of interviewing your potential recruiters, it behoves you as an employer to be clear about your targets and expectations. Your prospective employee should be aware of the key elements of your organization’s culture; your KPIs; and the key deliverables for the position. This way, the candidate has a clear expectation of the task ahead and can brace up to face the challenges.

  • Run a background check

    Before confirming the appointment of any staff, it is imperative to run a background check on such individuals. This way, you can be sure that they are truly who they say they are. It is wise to resist the temptation of being wowed by their self-acclaimed history and track records. Running a background check to ascertain that all their claims are indeed true would give you a better idea of their work ethics. Ultimately, it’ll help you gain clearer insights into how these people would fit into your organization. If you seek to know more about why you must run a background check, visit our website.




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