The people you hire carry a lot of implications for your organisation. They and their performance would determine the growth of your company in the next few years. This is what makes the task of hiring talents a very critical one.

Research shows that it costs about 20% of a mid-level employee’s annual salary to replace them. And it costs ten times that percentage to replace a senior-level employee. With the current wave of employees leaving their jobs, it has become a necessity for organisations to look for talents who are going to stay.

It is a given to take note of a prospective employee’s qualifications and experience. However, here are a few extra things to look out for before offering them that job.

Personal brand

Take note of your prospect’s personal brand. What type of person are they, and what are their hopes for the future? 

Ask questions to find out if they are actually interested in having a career with your organisation or if they are looking for just any job to put up with. Always assess what they have planned for their future, and see if it aligns with the trajectory of your organisation.

Cultural fit

Many employees are leaving their current jobs because they are disillusioned with the company culture. This is why you need to know if your prospective employees hold the same values and beliefs as your organisation. 

Find out what their stance is on some social issues, and how they would handle some workplace scenarios. Discuss resumption time and days with them, and if there are arrangements for remote work, let them know.

Salary and compensation

It is important that you always discuss the salary terms with your prospective employees. This should happen by first disclosing the range for the role, and then asking them if it meets their expectations. Also, encourage them to negotiate. You want to get them at a rate that is convenient for both your organisation and them.

Also inform them of any bonuses, incentives, pension schemes or health benefits that they would be entitled to if they get selected for the role.


It is a good hiring practice to make a shortlist from your list of candidates and schedule another interview. You can have this interview with their prospective team leads, to see if they would be a good fit for that team or department within your organisation.

Background checks

The experience and qualifications on your candidate’s CV or resume are important, as it shows their capability for the role you are employing for. However, you would want to hire employees who are exactly as they say they are. This is why it is important to run background checks on your preferred candidates before you hire them, or while they are on probation. 

While there are several firms that could assist you with background checks in Nigeria, one of the most reliable is Klinsheet Consulting. With Klinsheet, you can be sure of your employee’s school certificates, NYSC, criminal records and guarantor information.

As mentioned earlier, and as you might now believe after reading this, hiring new employees could be really tasking and time-consuming. This is why some organisations might want to delegate their hiring process to external HR firms. Klinsheet Consulting offers one of the best HR services across several industries. It provides an automated system that ensures that your hiring process is absolutely taken care of, and without bias. Operating with notable clients and partners, their delivery and credibility stand out amongst other consulting firms.


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