As much as it is often trivialized, the recruitment phase is a very crucial one; as hiring the wrong candidate can spell doom to an organization. Nowadays, savvy entrepreneurs have realized that outsourcing their recruitment process to professional recruiters has many benefits. With professional recruiters, you’re rest assured that round pegs are brought in to occupy round holes. If you’re one of those who see no logic in outsourcing your recruitment to professionals, we hope the few points below would help you reconsider your position.

  • Expertise

    To begin with, you get to benefit from the expertise of a recruitment agency. The agencies have the structure and architecture to help you find the best candidates. Once recruiters have clarity about your organization’s culture, they would look out for candidates who are not just academically qualified for the job, but who’s personalities would also fit seamlessly into your organization.

  • Cost Reduction

    Seasoned recruiters understand the system and are abreast of industry-standard payments for every role. Therefore, professional recruiters will be able to offer your best staff the best wages, as opposed to making arbitrary decisions. Moreso, engaging recruitment process outsourcing firms would help you to save the costs you would incur on putting up an advert for the vacant position.

  • Reduced Time

    Since hiring firms engage in recruitment on a full-time basis, they are able to help organizations find the best suitable candidate within the shortest time-frame.

  • Talent Pooling

    While seeking out the most suitable candidate, recruiters often meet with candidates who are either more than qualified and experienced; or are good but do not have the required experience to fit into that role. Either way, this pool of candidates can be the first point of reference whenever the organization needs to hire another talent.

  • Regulation Compliance

    By all standards, recruitment process outsourcing firms are abreast of labour laws and regulations. Hence, by routing your recruitment through them, you are rest assured that you are not breaking any laws. And peradventure laws are broken, you can easily wash your hands clean – as your recruitment agency would be held liable.

Do you need more clarity around why and how to go about outsourcing your recruitment process? Or would you like to strengthen your internal capacity around recruitment? At Klinsheet Consulting, our team of experienced recruiters are available to train your in-house staff on how to come up with a unique architecture for recruitment.

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Muyiwa Adewoye

For: Klinsheet Consulting

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