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We all have the urge to know more than just the periphery; it has been man’s innate characteristics right from time immemorial. Apart from the curiosity towards Mother Nature and her unending splendour; we all wish to know more about the way others think. We’re curious about the universe, life in other planets, our coworkers, spouses, children, employees, neighbours, and even celebrities.

These days, it is no longer news when individuals alongside multinational corporations pay handsomely to private investigation companies. These investigation companies are hired carry out an intensive investigation on an individual; rival companies or group of persons. Ideally, the aim behind this has always been for one goal; to uncover whatever it is that is not on the surface.

These days, the process of compiling records of individuals or organizations is known as a background check or background investigation. It is a trend that cannot only be dated back years ago. However, can be said it is here to stay.

Background checks are often requested by employers on job candidates for employment screening; especially on candidates seeking a position that requires high-security clearance. Results of a background check typically include past employment verification, certificate verification, credit history, and criminal records.


Across the globe, the trend of running deep background checks on an employee is a matter not to be treated with kid gloves. This is because it an issue that cannot be overemphasized or blown out of proportion.

In a country like the United Kingdom, the issue of background checks has taken the centre stage. This really occured after the onset of the financial crisis of 2007-2010. About 39% of UK organizations have experienced a situation where the company’s procedures have allowed an employee to be hired who was later found to have lied or forged some of their qualifications in their application.

For nations like Poland, the demand for pre-employment screening is constantly growing among Polish entrepreneurs. This is because due to a bad hire, employers lose out in very many ways: time-wise, reputation-wise and financial-wise.

The result on the first Polish research concerning the issue of pre-employment screening conducted by IBBC Group and Background Screening Service; it shows that 81% of recruiters have come across the phenomenon of lies in the CVs. Applicants according to the research tend to falsify their skills, dates of employment, responsibilities or positions.

While background screening and verification can be said to be well established in most developed countries; it is well gaining more prominence and attention in African countries like Nigeria.


Interestingly, more businesses and entrepreneurs are keying into efforts to resurrect the struggling economy from the claws of recession. And this can only be achieved by employing the right persons at the sensitive positions of power in their organizations. More companies are seeing the efficacy of placing background check companies under their payroll.

One of such companies is Klinsheet Consulting Limited. Established in 2017 due to strategic alliance of key Background check professionals with over a decade experiences and experts in IT/Web technologies, with the purpose of creating sustainable Background Check services in Nigeria with IT interventions. Klinsheet has upped its game in rising to be one of the foremost background check and recruitment companies in the country. Through their innovative and creative partnership with entrepreneurs and companies, Klinsheet is not only bringing the importance of background check to the limelight, but are placing all hands on deck to ensure that only the qualified and truthful candidates get the job in their respective organizations.

Because background checks can be a valuable tool for selecting the right candidate for the job, it eliminates many future problems for the company. To this end, Klinsheet as a company have moved to show a nationwide coverage in rendering effective services to their growing client base. Also, they have developed a service methodology that gives all companies, big and small, the personal attention they deserve.


This has been possible through constant training, knowledge, and skills to address and solve the client’s problems.

In all the 36 states of the federation, Klinsheet boasts of strong network capacity with experienced hands to provide quality, efficient, and valuable expert guidance. While gushing over the level of relationships built over the years with different institutions, the Verification Analyst of Klinsheet, Mr. Ifeanyi Amadi noted that the strong relationship with institutions in the country has helped tremendously in ensuring speedy execution of projects.

According to Mr. Amadi, “our commitment to quality has been responsible for our achievements so far. Our aim is to see that a candidate meets all the full requirements of each assignment and that the return on investment will be a good one for the client receiving the candidate. We may not be where we want to be when it comes to verifications and checks, but that doesn’t mean we are where we used to be.  Finally, our goal is to provide our clients with the most useful, detailed and vital information on just about anyone.”

Source:  http://insightoncrime.com/2017/03/15/uncover-truth-background-checks/


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