Avoid hiring an unsuitable candidate with timely
information through reference checks

Previous Employer Check

We provide the service of Pre-employment background check, this ensures that an organisation can efficiently detect applicants who are not qualified for a job position.

Employment verification provides an organisation with relevant and accurate data on an applicant. This data aids an organisation in cutting through the facade and finding out who an applicant really is and more importantly previous employer verification aids in determining if an applicant is qualified and suitable for a particular position. Previous employer check help organisations in making an educated hiring decision.

A previous employer check is the process of verifying that a job applicant was genuinely an employee of an aforementioned organisation by contacting previous employers to verify the applicant's work history, such as company names and locations, dates, candidate’s tenure, salary claims and occupational role.

Previous employer verification is crucial in determining if a job applicant is in reality qualified and possess the required experience needed to occupy a particular position during the recruitment process. Pre-employment check also enables an organisation identify ‘grey areas’ from an applicant’s previous employment and reasons they may have left their previous place of work. There have been instances where job applicants change their Class of Degree, use other individual’s certificates, forge new certificates etc. during the recruitment process. All of these acts give such candidates an unfair advantage over other job applicants who may have been considered for the job opening.

Background check is important in discovering fraudulent applicants and preventing an organisation from making a wrong hire. Employment verification also gives additional information on the candidate's performance, behaviour, attitude and other traits, which makes the hiring decision smoother.

An organisation can avoid hiring an unsuitable candidate with timely information through reference checks, and be protected from the negative effects of making a wrong hire.

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